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OHS Policy Statement

Meridien Group Is Committed To 

Meridien Group Management considers the Occupational Health and Safety of the employees and other interested parties as fundamental to achieve business excellence. 

Ensuring that occupational, Health and Safety excellence are fundamental principles of Meridien group business philosophy and management culture

Providing process for continual improvement of Occupational health & safety within all Meridien group's activities

Applying effective OHS management systems with the objective of preventing injury and occupational health hazards within the core business

Maintaining compliance with state laws and regulations. Working with the authorities to ensure compliance with applicable legislation.

Ensuring that contractors and suppliers working for Meridien group commit to OHS prin ciples and demonstrate such commitment in their activities.

Recording nonconformances and incidents at all levels and using this information to help ensure that the proper and efficient work practices established.

Making OHS excellence both as an individual and Management responsibility.

Providing suitable training, safe working environment, and ensuring work activities remain within established procedures and practices.

Reviewing this policy for its continuing suitability for the application, ensuring that it is understood by our employees and is available to interested parties and the public.

Quality Policy Statement

The quality policy is to comply entirely with the terms and conditions of each contract, industry standards, applicable regulatory and legal requirements of local government, and the environment and safety standards. In pursuit of excellence in quality construction practice and client satisfaction, we are continually improving to implement and maintain an effective quality system that achieves our quality objectives.

Project execution is carried out as per the approved designs, drawings, and project specifications and accepts ed international standards and codes.

For ensuring the quality of the works, suitable inspections and tests are being carried out in accordance with the conditions of the contract.

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OHS Policy Statement